Gig Announcment

Added to the Rabid-fest

It’s is an honour to be included to this years Rabid Fest in Oxford. To be included along side such great bands as Footprints in the Custard, The Hope Burden and K-Lacura. This is something worth looking forward to!


We Are headlining SLAUGHTERFEST 2021

Many Thanks to Andy Sergent for inviting us back after a couple of years. It’s an honour to conclude the Saturday with our blackend Death Metal sound. We are sure to sharpen our weapons in preparation for the slaughter. 

Also, may we add, The prospect of gracing the Gryphon stage is long over due! We can not wait!

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Welcome Metal Warriors

Were back! Here’s our new Website, resurrected From the ashes of the old one.

Visit here for latest news and rambling nonsense from Leicesters finest death metal band, Blood Oath