As true and authentic a death metal as you’ll hear in the UK, Blood Oath has recorded an album that is as brutal as it is melodic. 8/10” - Martin Harris

Ave Noctum

This sophomore effort titled Infernum Rex Diabolus cuts the rhetorical fat off the bone and just offers up a simple, yet effective palate that is both well-produced and effectively brutal without overloading the magazine. From certain sonic areas, I can hear some similarities to my hometown's Cardiac Arrest, which is about as high a compliment as I can muster. 9/10” - Chris Pratl

Blood Oath are exactly what they say they are. A brutal old school death metal band with all the might and fury of what that entails. From savagery dealt out like cards at a poker table to depth filled horrors ripped straight from a disturbed mind to the weight of a slab of granite dropping on heads, this is an experience that doesn’t so much defy expectations as rise up to meet them and then smash them into oblivion. 9/10” - Carl “The Disc” Fisher

Games, Brrraaains and a Head Banging Life

Nine solid tracks capture the intensity of Blood Oath in their full might here; tracks such as Infernum Diabolus Lycanthropic Bloodlust and Obliteration Of Mankind are massive slabs of powerful intense metal, jagged riffage, punishing drumming and the roaring vocals of Mark ‘Thrax’ Johnson combine in a meaty combination that is both extreme and compelling. I’ve yet to see these guys live, but this music is written for the live stage. Powerful stuff indeed. 8/10” - Mall Bladen

Musipedia of Metal

Throughout, the tracks are full of melody and some great hooks and breaks. 'Born Godless' is a stunner and a definite pick for track of the album. The production is excellent and the tracks are well written. ''Infernum Diabolus' is a little cracker with 'Obliteration OV Mankind' and 'Solitude and Silence' being right up there. The guys can certainly play and the band as a whole are very tight. Although set as old school there is a very modern feel and a definite menace about the whole affair. As they go from strength to strength Blood Oath are definitely ones to watch going forward. Fabulous release. 10/10”

— Independent Music Showcase

Blood Oath have made me smile countlessly with Infernum Rex Diabolus. It brings me right back to my early days of discovering death metal through bands like Obituary, yet keeps its momentum firmly in the 21st century. I want the death metal of today to be full of bands like this – kicking ass but clearly having oodles of fun in the process. Death metal album of the year so far? Between Blood Oath and Soulmass, it’s a tough one… 9/10” - Larry Best

Metal Observer

Blood Oath have no desire to re-invent the wheel, their passion for death metal worn proudly on their battle dress for all to see. Instead the band have focussed on deftly synthesising their influences into a ferociously tight set of nine epic songs, each one crushing with its intent and flawless in its execution. 9/10”

Sonic Abuse

Portraits courtesy of Will Tudor Photography

Portraits courtesy of Will Tudor Photograpy

Metalhead Meeting Festival. Romania. 2018

HRH Vikings. Birmingham.2018

Uprising Festival. Leicester. 2017